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Proven strategies updated daily and back-tested against all historical and emerging market conditions to bring you consistently high returns.

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DoshBot's servers are continuously running backtests 24/7 to ensure that the strategies being used to trade are always kept up-to-date. Each time the backtesting servers identify a superior strategy, the system will be updated automatically to use the newly identified strategy.

DoshBot Backtests

Most Recent Multi-Pair Backtest Results (30/03/2022):

Backtest Info: Start Date = 2021-06-15 End Date = 2022-03-30 Starting Balance = $1000 USDT
Backtest Results:
Symbol Backtest Length (Days) Avg. Position Held Time Longest Position Held Time Avg. Daily ROI% Overall ROI% Total $USDT Gain Wallet Exposure
LUNAUSDT 287 3.086 hrs 139.383 hrs 0.1875% 69.901% $676.32 20%
FTMUSDT 287 1.391 hrs 89.267 hrs 0.163% 57.501% $554.392 20%
AVAXUSDT 287 3.956 hrs 123.100 hrs 0.151% 53.367% $509.027 20%
SANDUSDT 287 1.696 hrs 101.200 hrs 0.128% 42.523% $408.326 20%
ENJUSDT 287 1.836 hrs 131.250 hrs 0.115% 37.649% $361.792 20%
MANAUSDT 287 1.960 hrs 98.183 hrs 0.106% 34.442% $330.929 20%
STORJUSDT 287 2.025 hrs 126.483 hrs 0.106% 33.954% $325.736 20%
KNCUSDT 287 2.443 hrs 176.283 hrs 0.099% 31.696% $306.964 20%
OVERALL 287 2.299 hrs 123.144 hrs 1.057% 361.035% $3610.350 160%

Older Alternative Single-Pair Backtest Results:


Frequently Asked Questions

An account on requires a Binance or ByBit account with a minimum of $500 USDT of available funds in its Futures/Derivatives balance. Use the contact methods below to get in touch if you’re interested in an account.

If you don’t have a Binance/ByBit account or don’t meet the balance requirements, you can invest directly into the DoshBot PAMM account:

DoshBot charges a 0% fee for funds under management, along with a 20% performance fee. What this means is DoshBot is free to use and you will only be charged a fee based on profits.


The performance fee is calculated as follows. (Total Profit – Exchange Fees) * 0.2.


For example, if DoshBot makes $1,100 USDT and the Binance fee during that time is $100 USDT, then you will be charged $200 USDT in performance fees.


It is important to note that this 20% performance fee is calculated and debited on a weekly basis. The performance fee does not neccessarily correlate to overall lifetime profitability. If there is profit for the past 7 day, then a fee will be deducted. If there is no profit or a loss in the past 7 days, then no fee is deducted.


Custom arrangements can be made for trusted users and/or users with a large amount of capital invested. Eg. fees calculated on a monthly basis.

DoshBot does not guarantee any return. It is essential to understand the risk involved in this class of investments. Margin trading cryptocurrencies is an extremely high-risk endeavour which has the potential to cause complete liquidation of your entire trading balance. Whilst DoshBot takes all of the precautions possible, the risk of liquidation will always be a factor in margin trading.

That being said, this form of trading can be incredibly profitable – especially when the trades are being executed by an ever-evolving machine-learning algorithm such as DoshBot.

For more information about the risks involved, refer to our Risk Warning Statement.

There is no public registration page for DoshBot. Please fill in the Expression of Interest form above or reach out to us on Telegram (@doshboss) or email ( That way you can be sure we’ll be in contact in one form or another.

The beauty of the platform is you don’t have to trust DoshBot. You simply supply DoshBot with an API key from your Binance and/or ByBit account which exclusively allows trades to be executed, it does not allow access to any of your funds. The performance fees for DoshBot are paid separately via a pre-paid balance system in the client panel.

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